Once a Bird
Based in Porto, Portugal

Founding date:
April 22nd, 2008


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Travessa das Antas, nº 81, 4º Dir.
4350-048 Porto

+351 93 160 39 35


Once a Bird is the studio behind games like Bennu, Attack of the 50ft Verbose Dinosaur, Fold and Outsider. It consists of Ricardo Moura, a programmer, Tiago Lourenço, an illustrator, and Jo Pereira, a musician. We're committed to making original and fun games.


Early history

Once a Bird was founded on the dream of building the ultimate football (soccer) simulator. Since we don't yet have the resources to employ the extra 379 humans necessary to make this happen we're making small but focused indie games instead. Our first game was Bennu, which placed in the Top 20 of the DreamBuildPlay contest. It was released for Xbox 360 and PC. Afterwards came Attack of the 50ft Verbose Dinosaur, a word game, and Graveyard Shift, which also placed in the Top 20 of the DreamBuildPlay contest.

After that

Recently we released Fold, Fold+ and Twitchy Thrones for mobile devices to great reviews. Fold+ was selected by Apple as one of the best new games in its release week. Fold was "App of the Day" in tuaw.com and was described by the same website as "the most original iOS puzzler in years". Twitchy Thrones was praised by supergamedroid.com for its "excellently designed strategy gameplay" and by pocketgamer.co.uk for being "fun and funny".


At the moment we're developing Outsider, an adventure game where every puzzle is different. In 2018 Outsider was selected by Eurogamer as one of the top 8 Portuguese games and by Playstation Talents as one of the top 11. In 2019 Outsider was selected by DreamHack Summer as Best Arthouse Game and nominated for the Game Connection Europe Development Awards as Best PC Game, Best Casual Game and Best Quality of Art.



Outsider 2019 Trailer YouTube

Outsider Game Connection Europe Trailer YouTube

Twitchy Thrones Debut Trailer YouTube

Fold Release Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (4MB)

There are far more images available for Once a Bird, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Bennu - Top 20 in the DreamBuildPlay contest." - 2008
  • "Graveyard Shift - Top 20 in the DreamBuildPlay contest." - 2012
  • "Fold+ - Best New Game - App Store." - 2016
  • "Outsider - Eurogamer Best Portuguese Game nominee." - 2018
  • "Outsider - Playstation Talents nominee." - 2018
  • "Outsider - Playstation Talents nominee." - 2018
  • "Outsider - DreamHack Summer - Best Arthouse Game." - 2019
  • "Outsider - Game Connection Europe Development Awards - Nominee for Best PC Game, Best Casual Game, Best Quality of Art." - 2019

Selected Articles

  • "Bennu is a a quirky, lovable little puzzle game (...) a well-styled work of art."
    - savamizz, Worth The Points
  • "Attack of the 50ft Verbose Dinosaur - (...) the strangest premise of any game I’ve played yet (...) the gameplay is awesome, and I must admit I find the premise focusing on “133t-speak” warms my cockles."
    - Someone, Writings of Mass Deduction
  • "Fold is the most original iOS puzzler in years (...) You've probably never played a game even remotely like this before."
    - Pretentious Bastard, TUAW
  • "Fold will prove to be one of the most challenging and innovative entries in the genre to come to the iPhone in quite some time."
    - Alvaro Bernedo, Guiding Tech
  • "Twitchy Thrones is fun and funny"
    - Matt Thrower,, Pocket Gamer
  • "Outsider was the biggest surprise of the event [...] An excellent title for puzzle lovers."
    - Jorge Loureiro, Eurogamer Portugal

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Ric Moura
Programming and Design

Tiago Lourenço

Jo Pereira
Music and Sound FX

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