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Outsider is an existential horror adventure mystery wrapped in an apocalyptical sci-fi epic game, out for mobile devices and coming out soon for PC and consoles. After humanity's extinction, the player takes control of HUD-ini, an android that wakes up alone in a lab. He must first repair himself, then escape the lab, escape the Earth, escape the universe. The gameplay consists of puzzle solving, with each puzzle advancing the story with seamless transitions. Every puzzle is different and self-contained.


Outsider was inspired by classic adventure games such as Loom, The Dig and Myst. We wanted to tell a story with an ever-expanding scope and evoke a sense of dread, mystery and wonder in the player. Once a Bird started with just Ricardo Moura as the game designer/programmer and Jo Pereira as the musician. Jo is a talented songwriter that collaborated recently with Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest. After Ricardo finished a prototype of Outsider with programmer art, Tiago Lourenço was brought in to do the vector graphics. Tiago is an award-winning artist with work published on national newspapers.


  • Original, varied and accessible puzzles.
  • Vectorial graphics engine that provides a distinct look and great quality at any resolution.
  • Beautiful and fluid animations.
  • Emotional, dark and epic story.
  • Atmospheric, moody soundtrack.


Release Trailer YouTube

January 2019 Trailer YouTube

Game Connection Europe Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (7MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Apple App Store - Game of the Day" 2020
  • "Indie X - Best Portuguese Game Winner" 2019
  • "Game Connection Europe Development Awards - Nominee for Best PC Game, Best Casual Game, Best Quality of Art" 2019
  • "DreamHack Summer - Best Arthouse Game" 2019
  • "Playstation Talents Nominee" 2018
  • "Eurogamer Best Portuguese Game Nominee" 2018

Selected Articles

  • "The biggest surprise of the [Comic Con] event..."
    - Jorge Loureiro, Eurogamer Portugal
  • "Our favourite game [at the event] was Outsider from Once A Bird..."
    - Cubo Geek, Cubo Geek
  • "A clever game that looks like an animated movie due to its beauty..."
    - Ivo Silva, Meus Jogos
  • "Each challenge is unique [...] Very interested to see where this one goes."
    - Joel Goodwin, Electron Dance
  • "A narrative that evolves as we solve the puzzles, every one of which is different."
    - OuttaSite, Game Luster
  • "It really is worth discovering the opening moments by yourself with a fresh mind [...] The game looks beautiful as well."
    - Pierre Fouquet, ETNL
  • "Challenges players to discover unique and fun puzzles while they unravel the secrets behind an immersive narrative"
    - Game Hub PT, Game Hub PT

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About Once a Bird

Once a Bird is the studio behind games like Bennu, Attack of the 50ft Verbose Dinosaur, Fold and Outsider. It consists of Ricardo Moura, a programmer, Tiago Lourenço, an illustrator, and Jo Pereira, a musician. We're committed to making original and fun games.

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Outsider Credits

Ric Moura
Story and Programming

Tiago Lourenço

Jo Pereira
Music and Sound FX

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