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November 2014

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Twitchy Thrones is a fast-paced strategy game from Once a Bird, the studio that brought you a bunch of games you probably never heard about. Battle your way throughout the violent land of Lefteros and help House Storker bring honor and justice to all the kingdoms. Winter is here! Twitchy Thrones is out now on iPhone, iPad and Android.


Twitchy Thrones was born as a 48-hour Ludum Dare entry. When the Ludum Dare theme was announced (10 seconds), it was late night Friday where we live. Our initial idea for it was a Game of Thrones spoof called “Family Ties” where you controlled one character of the House Righteous (Stark) at a time and the character’s lifespan was 10 seconds. In those 10 seconds you could marry the character to produce offspring/forge alliances or use her in battle, where she would improve army morale and thus lead to easier victories (or die within even less than 10 seconds). The game design was written on four A4 pages, with another element added in the early hours of Saturday to the design: a real-time strategy game where you moved your characters and troops to conquer the whole of Lefteros (Westeros). Having decided to do the strategy part first, the other part was never started. And thus Twitchy Thrones was born.


  • Fast-paced, accessible strategic action with constant gameplay variations to challenge players.
  • Gorgeously detailed, gory pixel art.
  • Amazing classical/dubstep soundtrack.
  • Entertaining storyline parodying a certain book series/HBO show.


Release Trailer YouTube

Debut Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (1MB)


Selected Articles

  • "Twitchy Thrones is fun and funny"
    - Matt Thrower, pocketgamer.co.uk
  • "Recommended for fans of strategy games with a sense of humor"
    - Jessica Buchanan, engadget.com
  • "Ever so lovingly takes the piss out of everyone’s favorite serialized snuff film"
    - Sean Clancy, pockettactics.com
  • "If you like strategy, action, or just Game of Thrones, you’re sure to find something good here"
    - Isaac Davies, hardcoredroid.com
  • "Excellently designed strategy gameplay"
    - Craig Forshey, supergamedroid.com
  • "8.5/10"
    - Daniel Ribeiro, techtudo.com.br

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Once a Bird is the studio behind games like Bennu, Attack of the 50ft Verbose Dinosaur, Fold and Outsider. It consists of Ricardo Moura, a programmer, Tiago Lourenço, an illustrator, and Jo Pereira, a musician. We're committed to making original and fun games.

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Ric Moura
Programming and Art

Jo Pereira
Music and Sound FX

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